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Postfontaine was formed in August 2008, with the placeholder name Stupid Lions, and tentatively Welcome to Erf, but only if you ask certain members. Their first show as a team was at The Creek and the Cave on January 18, 2009.

Postfontaine is currently on indefinite haitus.


Scott Courlander, Matt Klinman, Jesse Lee, Tom McGrath, Chris McKeever, and Kate Riley

Past Members

Murph McHugh, Amber Lea Kincaid


Postfontaine has had the privilege of being coached in some capacity by:

Anthony Atamanuik, Kirk Damato, Erik Tanouye, Gavin Speiller, Brian Glidewell, and Winston Noel


  • Known to rap when drunk or high
  • Chris McKeever is neither of those qualifiers when he raps.