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Phil A. Jackson is an improviser, writer, and musician based in New York City. He started studying at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in August of 2009. He was placed on Harold Night at UCB in May of 2011 with Grandma's Ashes. A few weeks after his placement there were auditions and reshuffling, and Phil was placed on Dance Break. Another round of reshuffling in 2012 led him to his current team, The Regulars. Phil is a member of Improv Nerds. He has also sat in with ASSSSCAT 3000 several times, one of which where he played drums on a chair. In the NYC indie scene, Phil performs with Jump On Three, Dreamboat, Kelly Cash, Pinot Grigio, SWAG, and twelve thousand other teams. As if this wasn't enough, Phil is also a respected and dedicated coach to an untold number of indie teams such as Free Kittens and Rain. Before finding UCB, Phil wrote, directed, and starred in the play The Dinner Plan, which enjoyed a sold out run at the 13th Street Repertory Theatre.


  • Phil is dealing with a weight problem; please ask him about it.
  • One of Phil's favorite forms is Twoprov.
  • Phil is the size of two people -- not just normal-sized people, but two already fat people -- combined, and we as a community need to confront him about it.
  • Phil likes cardigans and is part of Cardigan Comedy with Matt Dennie and Kassia Miller.
  • Cardigans help hide his irrationally large body, and we need to let him know that it's not enough.
  • Phil is part of ( ).
  • Phil's stomach looks like ( ), if those characters were rendered at 182pt font, where pt is an abbreviation for "pint of ice cream".
  • Phil is the official slam poet of the The Chris Gethard Show.
  • Phil likes to slam down food without regard to his health or size.


Phil also loves music; he produces and releases albums independently.

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