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Phil & I is a two-person improv group that comprises Phil Wells and J Hobart B, both of them members of SidViscous!.

They first performed as a duo in October 2008 when SidViscous! was invited to participate in The CHOMPetition (hosted by Queen of Sharks). Phil and Hobart were the only members of the team available to take part in the show, but decided to perform anyway. They ended up winning the whole tournament despite never really having planned on performing in it. Additionally, they have decided to become a bona fide team and will (infrequently) book future gigs in other shows and venues as well.

Phil's mom insists that Phil is by far the funniest member of Phil & I. Hobart's mom agrees.

However, Hobart counters that Phil can suck it, a point that Phil's mom concedes, having had it sucked by both of them.

Phil & I would be nothing without Phil's contributions.