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PIT or Pepperdine Improv Troupe is a University-based improv comedy group made up of students from Pepperdine University in Malibu, CA. For "The Peoples Improv Theater" redirect to The PIT.


Tracy Burns, former Artistic Director of Los Angeles Theatresports (now Impro Theatre L.A.) and one of the founding members of London Theatresports and Co-Artistic Director for Theatresports U.K, came to Pepperdine around 2002. She raised auditions and started teaching improv to a select group of students. PIT was the only outlet for Pepperdine students to learn improv until she offered a master class open to any Pepperdine Student in which she teaches basic improv lessons once a week.

PIT currently performs about once a month to a packed house on Pepperdine's campus as well as various gigs around the area. A typical show usually consist of short form games with an occasional minimusical or soap opera scene. Allen Simpson accompanies the troupe on the keyboard.

Current Members

  • Savannah Garrett
  • Katie McDonough
  • Shelby Parsons
  • Josh Downs
  • Hayden Christensen
  • Jamye Grant
  • Jesse Aston
  • Craig Knepley
  • Michael Thomas-Visgar
  • Meghan McDonough
  • LeeAndrea Morton

Teachers include:

  • Tracy Burns
  • Allen Simpson


  • Sethward Allison
  • Zach Garrett
  • Erika Varella
  • Mishy Turner
  • Blake Curtis
  • David Mckee
  • John Capobianca
  • Dante Carr
  • Bella Comerfold
  • Ryan Wandler
  • Allegra Edwards
  • David Sheftell
  • Adrian Catchings
  • Sophia Bien
  • Noelle Marion
  • Jeffrey Thompson
  • Jeff Loveness
  • Layla Brisco
  • Stephen McNeil
  • Lissette Jean-Marie
  • Micah B. Hardt
  • Adam McArthur
  • Nina Maria Brissey
  • Wednesday Kirven
  • Jason Murphy
  • Hollie Marine
  • Anaka Smith
  • Sean Lyons
  • Zac Hoogendyk
  • Michael DeVore
  • Kari Miller
  • Robyn Boyd
  • Alex Skinner
  • John Rhea
  • Scott Takeda
  • Ashley Campbell
  • Matt Klein
  • Kala Grogg
  • Brian Jones
  • Charlie Puttonen
  • April Fangio
  • Janson Fangio
  • Alex Fthenakis
  • Jessica Allen
  • Amanda Allen
  • Dean Curosmith
  • Justin Schneider