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One of the iO Theater's house teams from October 1998 to October 2003.

Members included: Ryan Archibald, Bill Arnett, Laurel Coppock, Alex Fendrich, Dave Hill, Danny Mora, Bobby Mort, Jason Pardo, Andy St. Clair. Dan Sipp and Caroline Deskin were also original members of the group. Deskin left PoE in 1999. Sipp left in 2001. He later joined the iO House Team The Pat Shay Dancers. 7 of the members (Archibald, Arnett, Fendrich, Hill, Mora, Mort and St.Clair) were in the same Level 1 iO class (August 1998) taught by Charna Halpern.

They were coached by Peter Gwinn.

Some of their notable harolds include: "Candleabra", "Bus Stop in Idaho", "Monkeybars", "Cataclysm", "Nothingness", "Communism" and "Rock Band"

Candleabra was a murder-mystery involving lights up/down for each murder, provided by Peter Gwinn.

Monkeybars ("Danny Naked") was a scene-by-scene, piece-by-piece stripping of Mora until he was completely naked in the last scene.

Nothingness (with guest Rush Howell) consisted of the events in Rush's mind.

Cataclysm ("Christmas harold") with coach Peter Gwinn sitting in involved the destruction of the ugly iO Christmas tree in the cabaret, knocking over a gumball machine, removing all the toilet paper from the bathrooms, moving furniture around, reciting exerpts from their sketch show and lots of screaming.

Arnett, Fendrich, Mora and St.Clair currently perform in 3033, along with Rush Howell.