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Pat Baer is an improviser and sketch director living in NYC. He started his improv training in September 2002, and has studied under various teachers including Sean Conroy, Kevin Mullaney, Charlie Todd, Billy Merritt, and Ian Roberts. Pat received the ECNY award for Best Technician in 2005, 2007 and 2008. Pat currently runs the annual 3 on 3 Improv Tournament, which is the first show he ever hosted for UCB.

From 2004 to 2008, Pat Baer was head of the tech department at UCB, and teched most of the shows. He was considered a skilled tech who could master a script or cue sheet quickly. His experience in the booth at UCB as well as his background in directing lead him to work closely with performers on their material, both in terms of tech and material. Pat left his job as tech at UCB to force himself to focus on other projects and ventures, both on the UCB stage and elsewhere. He was a member of the Harold Teams Bangs and Penthouse Riot.

He continues to perform at UCB, and now has time to coach improv and direct sketch and one person shows. His experiences working at UCB have not only shaped his views on comedy, but also his approach to directing and coaching.

Because of his dedication, Pat is one of the most beloved people in the improv community. Therefore, Pat Baer is the butt of many jokes at the UCB, most of which are all in good fun. Pat, however, has trouble dealing with these jokes (or bits as they're commonly called) and often takes them personally. Pat takes his responsibilities and passions very seriously, and sometimes can't enjoy the odd attention he gets from some people in the community.

Pat Baer was a frequent replacement guest host for the improv show The Project. Also, for holidays and other nights when the normal Project show could not be presented, an official replacement show called "Not The Project" would go up instead, hosted, of course, by Pat Baer. He also was a captain of and player on many Project teams, including Tuscadero, Gift of the Wild, and Megastore.