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Binghamton University's improv comedy group, formed in 1992.


Originally performing on a makeshift stage in the Dickinson Dinning Hall, the group was named after "Pappy Parker Chicken," the most highly caloric food item. The group performs a mixture of short form and long form improv, and sketch comedy. The "Pappys" have been attending Skidmore University's "National College Comedy Festival" since 2003 when they became close allies of the Marist HuMarists. The Pappys have also attended the Empire Comedy Festival at Syracuse University. The Pappy logo originated as a chicken head but evolved by the late 1990s into a Barrel of Monkey's style Monkey. A non-SA charted group, the Pappys have lasted for 16 years without University oversight of show content or the spending of show money. The Pappy Alumni group awards a scholarship to a current Binghamton University student to fund a summer improv classes at UCBT, Magnet Theater, The PIT, or IO.


Pappy Website


Brandon Gardner-Bastian

Ingrid Michaelson- singer/songwriter Official Website

Matt Moses-Mailer Daemon, playwright

Simon Philion- Stamp and Coin Club, stand-up

Andrew Yurman-Glaser-Stamp and Coin Club

Brett Tribe - Coldtowne Mainstage Sketch, Bad Boys, Best Friends Club of Austin, The Intentions