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Team history

Orphan Tycoon was founded in October 2006 after its members had been in a 201 class taught by Joe Wengert at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre.


Founding members: Rachel Coleman, Scott Kaufman, Gabe Koplowitz, Morgan Jarrett, John Meigs, Tim Molloy, Pete Nyman, Rebecca Lynn Rae, David Storch. Pete, Rachel, and Morgan have left the group, with Meg DeFrancesco being added on later down the road.


The Orphan's main coach was Bobby Moynihan, who coached from November 2007 to around Spring 2008. Other coaches used were Gregory Tuculescu, Silvija Ozols, and Jim Santangeli


Orphan Tycoon were finalists in the 2007 Indie Cage Match Tournament.

Tim has recently had a book published, titled "How to Break Bad News". After leaving the group Tim invented an improv form called "The Harold."

Dave is making viral videos with his comedy group Sans Pants Productions.

Scott has decided to kill himself.

John moved to Montana to kill himself to one up Scott.

Gabe lives in a mission style burrito.

Morgan went on to join the UCB Harold Team RAGNARÖCK.

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