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Orchestra PIT was one of the first shows at The Peoples Improv Theater.

Directed by Armando Diaz, Orchestra PIT shows would perform several forms during the show such as the Ziggurat (aka "Sex Pile"), the Beckenstein, and Monoscene.

The cast included Aaron Bergeron, Jeff Campbell, Jesse Falcon, Kevin Hines, Will Hines, Terry Jinn, Shannon O'Neill, Matt Pack, Amy Rhodes, Erik Tanouye, and Joe Wengert.

The official description of the show (on their promotional postcard) was: "Orchestra PIT is a longform improvisational ensemble that performs a symphonic blend of improvisational structures. Under the expert baton of maestro Armando Diaz, Orchestra PIT performs the classic forms we all love, as well as experimental new forms, sure to become the classics of the future."

Names of forms performed in the show: The Rant, Pangea, Ziggarut (aka Sex Pile) and some others.

Orchestra PIT performed from Spring of 2003 through the Spring of 2003.

Audiences were light for the show but that didn't stop the team from posting highlights threads every Monday. One week they posted a highlight thread for a show that never occurred.

The End of Orchestra Pit was announced at the beginning of a scheduled rehearsal at Atlantic Theatre Company on 16th Street. Armando expressed his declining interest in the project, Shannon O'Neill was the only one that was vocally sad about this decision, and then everyone in attendance went out for Burritos.