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North Coast is a freestyle rapping and beatboxing long-form improv comedy team, based out of New York City. It was started in 2009 by James Robilotta. They celebrated a big 10 year anniversary show in 2019 in New York City.

Show Structure They start their show by getting a suggestion from the audience and extracting a location from that suggestion. After that, they do their own "North Coast opening" which is a musical hip hop scene painting. After that, they do a full improvised show, seamlessly flowing back and forth between improv scenes, freestyled songs and hooks, all with a live beatbox on stage. Over the years, they've created other show structures, including "Anybody: An Improvised Historical Hip-Hopera," which they performed weekly at Caveat (in NYC) and at festivals and theaters around the country (Stumptown improv festival) and the world (London, Edinburgh, etc).

North Coast Classes North Coast teaches their own curriculum of Hip Hop Improv 101, 201, and 301 classes, as well as workshops on the road.

Cast Past and current cast of North Coast includes: James Robilotta, Rachel Rosenthal, Douglas Widick, Evan Kaufman, Jonathan DeMuth, Julia Morales, Oscar Montoya, Meg Reilly, Richie Alfson, Mike Poole, Katy Berry, Boris Khaykin, RJ Williams, Steve Jeanty, Mel Rubin, Beth Bowman, Luke Miller, JD Ricafort (SuperSmack), and more. The team works with various beatboxers including Dr. Brick, Amir, Shockwave (Freestyle Love Supreme), Kaila Mullady (International Beatboxing Champion), Mark Martin (American Beatbox Champion), Ethan Scott, and Shaun Fisher.

Other North Coast was the first team to win three in a row at Indie Cage Match UCB east and went off to win many competitions shows at UCB Cage Match. They have toured internationally (Canada, England, Scotland, Amsterdam) as well as all over the USA at festivals, theaters, private gigs, and corporate bookings. Festivals include: Vancouver International Improv Fest, Improvaganza (Edmonton), Sarasota Improv Fest, Boston Comedy Arts Festival, Stumptown Improv fest (Portland OR), Hartford Improv Festival, Women in Comedy Festival (Boston), Del Close Marathon (NYC), Hell Yes Fest (New Orleans), New York Musical Improv Festival and more...