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Nicole went to the all-female Wellesley College in eastern Massachusetts. There she performed with the improv group 'Dead Serious'. She moved to New York and refuses to make any substantive edits to this page so I keep having to add to it piecemeal.

Also known as: Alan Starzinski


Nicole is currently a member of Robber Baron, ...For Richard Stands, Castlemania!, and Against All Odds: An Improvised Breakup and was previously a member of Bender.


  • During her second Shannon O'Neill 501 class show, she uttered a line so funny that it rendered most of the theatre totally insensate with laughter. Shannon herself was laughing so hard it started to sound like she was shushing the audience, so everyone tried to shut up faster. It was impossible. She was playing either Lewis or Clark. Her scene partner, Christopher Scott, did an excellent job not breaking character.
  • Nicole barely tolerates hugging.
  • Nicole knows a disturbing amount about American presidential history.
  • Nicole is a werewolf.
  • Nicole loves being hugged by Alan Starzinski
  • Nicole is quickly becoming just a bit.

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