Nick Zimmerman

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Nick Zimmerman is a writer and performer living in NYC. Prior to moving to New York, he worked as a radio reporter in Wyoming. Nick took UCB levels 101, 201, and 301 as a three week intensive in May and June of 2005. Nick was on a short-lived but lovable independent team called "America's Cat," with Simon Philion, Brian Faas, Jon Golbe and Brandon Gardner. He was an original member of Happy Kid with Marcy Jarreau, Peter McNerney, and Garrett Palm. Nick has been on several Megawatt teams at the Magnet Theater, including Skosh and Commando. Nick was a finalist on the online reality series Project Improviser. He had a successful run at the UCB Theater with his one man show "Out of My Mind." He has a degree in Religious Studies from the University of Colorado.

Nick is one of the rare performers who can command attention on stage while remaining soft-spoken and allowing generous silences in conversation. His halting but confident soft-spoken cadence can totally transform the usual manic pace of an improv scene. The other actor speaks, Nick waits, feels it, then quietly says his response and the audience explodes.

Hometown: Denver, CO