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An longform improv comedy group that performed in New York City from 1999 through 2006. They were formed as a team for UCBT's Harold Night.

Video Projects

Among their notable achievements were The Neutrino Video Project in which the team would create a film as the audience was watching it.

Cagematch Time-Outs

They also were the second-ever champion in UCBT's Cagematch and the first team to effectively use the allowed time-out to garner votes and approval from the audience. Among their time-outs:

  • giving beer to the audience
  • having two girls lick the opposite side of a lollipop
  • stripping down to their underwear
  • all of the above at once
  • playing a parody of VH-1's television show Behind the Music (Behind the Improv).

Winning so many Cagematches against established and "approved" Harold teams created a lot of long-standing bad blood toward Neutrino.

Mother once "hired" Neutrino to perform their time-out in a Cagematch against Respecto Montalban. The audience wrote in Neutrino as the winner, even though they weren't on the ballot. Some of the improvisers didn't take it well. Write-ins were banned from that time on.

Some suspect that this contributed to Neutrino being "graduated" out of the UCBT.

They went on to be the first improv group invited to the HBO Comedy Festival at Aspen.