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An longform improv comedy group that performed in New York City from 1999 through 2006. They were formed as a team for UCBT's Harold Night.

Video Projects

Among their notable achievements were The Neutrino Video Project in which the team would create a film as the audience was watching it.

Cagematch Time-Outs

They also were the second-ever champion in UCBT's Cagematch and the first team to use the allowed time-out to garner votes and approval from the audience. Among their time-outs:

  • giving beer to the audience
  • having two girls lick the opposite side of a lollipop
  • stripping down to their underwear
  • all of the above at once
  • playing a parody of VH-1's television show Behind the Music (Behind the Improv).

Mother once "hired" Neutrino to perform their time-out in a Cagematch. The audience wrote in Neutrino as the winner, even though they weren't on the ballot. Write-ins were banned from that time on.