Neil Casey's Advanced Study Harold 3/17- 5/11

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A UCBT Advanced Study Harold improv class taught by Neil Casey from March of 2010 to May 2010 on Wednesday fro 7-10pm. This class included Amy Charowsky, Will Cooper, Jesse Glasgow, Mary Iampietro, Marie-Constance Latagan, Jay Letchko, Tom Levin, Cathryn Mudon, Connor Ratliff, Bridgid Ryan, Peter Sherer, Al Smith, Meggie Spellman, Alan Starzinski, Julia Ward, Samantha Warnick. During the 8 weeks of class every improvisor grew immensely and had a hilarious and awesome time. The UCB Training Center described the class by saying "This class will focus on committing to the reality of your scene, cutting out the bullshit, and eliminatinng the habit of getting laughs from the fact that you're improvising rather than the reality of the scene."

Memorable Moments from this Class

  • Connor as a crazed poster collector who believed his hobby made him a person and because he did not collect posters from the time E.T. and Titanic came out he remember nothing from that time.
  • In the scene Cathryn Mudon initiated with, "I just come to the Aquarium to escape everyday life." Then it became a bunch of people watching as two dolphins had a domestic disturbance and one was murdered by it's spouse only to be arrested moments later put to trial and sent to the electric chair in a span of 2 minutes.
  • Everyone is scared during a robbery group game: Alan and Connor start off as a home owner and a burglar being terrified of one another. This is heightened by Will knocking on the door of the house, being told of a robbery, and also getting scared. A second burglar is mentioned played by Tom. Then a wife shouts, "Is everything alright downthere?" terrifying all people involved.
  • Every week Neil received a fruit of some sort starting with the first week he got an apple. The second week he got two apples, the third week a banana, the forth week and apple, the fifth week an coconut, the sixth week an pineapple, the seventh week a watermelon, and finally the last week he received a Benjamin Apple. After receiving the Benjamin Apple on the last day of class Neil took roll-call after-which he said "Mr. Apple, you can wait in the office and like all the other fruit they've delivered, I will fuck you after class."

Neil's Words of Wisdom

  • On the popularity of high-energy, musical entrances, "I will never dance onto stage before a show."
  • "You can go to crazy town, but take the local."
  • "There's no point playing apathetic or cool; you forfeited your 'cool kid card' by being here."
  • "It's insulting to watch fake, cartoony improv. This is live theatre; I'm sitting 15 ft away. And I can smell your bullshit from here."
  • "You handed in you "Cool Card" when you signed up for this thing."