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Nathan Keates began improvising in 2006, after progressing into the world of acting. He initially explored movement improv and a narrative, story-based, form. He is now an improvisation facilitator and a performing arts teacher. Keates also is a improviser and clown. He is so addicted to the art form as a whole that he researches and likes to delve into all areas of improvisation.
On his website,, he says, "Improvisation came through the desire to get onstage with nothing. This means the insistent search for high-risk, no structure, free-form improv comedy or theatre. That is the engine to the journey. As an improviser, to get anywhere near this, as many and all perspectives of teachings in impro, improv, improvisation have made and will make, the need is to learn more than just improvisation. To be free of form means to be free of obligation and structure. Know as much as possible to be able to create as much as possible. This can mean anything, be it intellectual interpretation or theatrical interpretation or worldy interpretation."
Keates is now in Bristol, after running Ludus Ludius as a collective from Cardiff for five years. In Bristol, he is in the Bristol Improv Network and the future can be many things. Keates is also touring his workshops around Europe.


  • Ludus Ludius The Youth Improv Group and Theatre Company
  • NathanImprov For the workshops tour and research, information etc.