Muppet Faces

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  • All participants create a circle by wrapping each others' arms around their shoulders, facing inward.
  • The "Leader" suggests an emotional situation or state of being that could be personified by a Muppet (e.g., Jealous Muppet, Nervous Muppet, Orgasmic Muppet, Last Breath Muppet, etc.).
  • All bow their heads and focus on the floor in the center of the circle.
  • The Leader counts aloud to three at a marching pace.
  • During the counting of the Leader, participants silently and secretly choose another participant (without alerting that participant).
  • In the space where the Leader would (but doesn't) say the number four, the participants look up and attempt to lock eyes with their choice.
  • If a participant successfully locks eyes (i.e., they both happened to choose each other), they get to make a one second verbal and facial impression of the suggested Muppet.
  • If a participant does not successfully lock eyes with his or her choice, then they wait quietly for one second, staring at their choice.
  • After one second, all participants bow their heads and focus again on the floor in the center of the circle.
  • The Leader counts again to three, and the process repeats itself as desired, with the participants choosing to lock eyes with different people each time.

Some notes about Muppet Faces:

  • This can be done with just one suggestion, or by changing suggestions after a satisfying amount of turns.
  • The Leader may also be a participant.