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Team history

Ms. Jackson is an all-female improv group, wearing distinctive matching track suits and taking their inspiration from music. They were formed by Jessica Allen out of a collection of friends from improv classes led by Shira Piven, Stencil, and The Hester Prynnes.

They do Hot Spot for an opening and then into a montage of scenes. The current lineup consists of Jessica Allen, Tara Copeland, Bayne Gibby, Stephanie Scarperi, and Caitlin Miller. They excel at character-driven scenes and aren't afraid to bring a wide-range of emotions into their scenework.

Ms. Jackson is FOR REAL.


Tara Copeland, Caitlin Miller, Bayne Gibby, Jessica Allen, Stephanie Kasen


Ms. Jackson has performed at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, The Peoples Improv Theater and the Magnet Theater. They have also performed at the Del Close Marathon.

Directors / coaches