Mr. Hit

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Taught by Eric Davis in his clowning class at the PIT.


Part 1

Players form a circle. One Player says, "I'm Mr. Hit" and then taps someone on the shoulder or stomach. Then the player that has been tapped says the name of another player in the circle. The player, whose name has just be called, then taps another player in the circle. The pattern continues till someone messes up by either tapping a player when they should say a player's name or saying a player's name when they should be tapping a player.

Part 2

When a player has messed up they are no longer in the circle. Now they can wonder around the outside the circle, tapping players and saying players' names at random in an attempt to mess up the remaining players. This continues till there are only two players left although some enjoy trying to play till there is only one player left.


While this game is great at creating laughs and energy. The main purpose of this game is to force concentration in a chaotic enviornment. Near the end of the game everyone on the outside is tapping the few players left in the circle and yelling their names. At this point it becomes difficult for the remaining players to concentrate on what is happening inside the circle. If they maintain their concentration, they win. If they don't, they lose.