Mr. Fahrenheit

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Mr. Fahrenheit is an indie improv team in New York City founded in the Summer of 2011. Its members consist of Artemis Benincasa, Sean Curry, Jared Dymbort, Dan Gayatgay, Jonathan LaPearl and Nathan Soutar. They all met while taking a 201 improv class at Upright Citizens Brigade with Ari Voukydis, who broke them apart and rebuilt them into bigger, stronger, unstoppable killing improv machines.

Name Origin

The name Mr. Fahrenheit, taken from the "Queen" song "Don't Stop Me Now", was originally used for one half of the team's 201 graduation (although the 9 members were spread across both teams). The other team name, Gnarly Radishes, remains dormant, though legend has it that one day it will rise again in a time of calamity and crisis.