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Mr. Crime was a Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre Harold Team. They were formed on June 8, 2011. They made their debut June 28, 2011 and had their last show March 27, 2012. Their starter name was SNAKE NUTS BEACH.


Kristen Acimovic, Karin Hammerberg, Paul Higbie, Patrick Noth, Alexis Pereira, Riley Soloner, Amos Vernon, Zack Willis

Notable Shows

The 6 Harold Cagematch

The Unicorn Harold, where they all dressed as unicorns for Halloween

The Audience Harold, where they invited members of the audience to perform in scenes

The Museum Harold, where all the scenes took place in a museum


Mr. Crime performed the last Harold of 2011 and the first Harold of 2012.

Mr. Crime's biggest fan, Tiffany Slagle, bought them all pastries on the night of their last show.

Zack Willis won the prestigious title of "Anchor Boy of the Year" for 2011 on the Mr. Crime Gazette.

Mr. Crime once went on an adventure to Washington DC to perform at the WIT theater, Karin Hammerberg's alma mater.

Because they maintained this tumblr for their entire run, they are the most documented Harold Team ever.