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Moxie was an improvisational comedy group based out of the Magnet Theater in New York City. Active dates were between January 2007-January 2010. Peter McNerney was their coach.

They performed high energy, animal-laden montages with many types of edits and a first-line/last-line opener.


Karsten Cross, Leslie Korein, Rylan Morrison, Garrett Palm, Erik Martin, Ian Caruth, Dan Bookbinder


They were put together by Armando Diaz in January of 2007 as a Megawatt team.

Previous cast members: Jodi Skeris, Cheryl Monterosso, and Jessica Farmer.

Erik Martin joined the team on April 26, 2007. Karsten Cross joined on March 26, 2007.

Previous coaches include: Jess Allen, Lennon Parham, and James Eason.

They have performed at the following festivals:

Moxie was retired in January 2010.

Blind Item Trivia

  • These two members of Moxie are dating each other.
  • This Moxie member is currently learning Mandarin.
  • This members full name is an acronym of "Scatter Nonsmokers."

Recurring Bits

  • Sexy Dinosaurs
  • Tri-Pony Fraternity
  • Fangle's Bar and Grill
  • Badger Face
  • Ham Port Jangler