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Mother is an improvisational comedy group formed in 1999 [1]. Its nine members are Scot Armstrong, Tara Copeland, Jon Daly, James Eason, Jesse Falcon, Jason Mantzoukas, Doug Moe, Jessica St. Clair, and Christine Walters. They performed regularly to sold-out houses at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York City[2] from their inception until September 27, 2008. [3].


With the assistance of Armando Diaz, they created a new longform, the Sleep Over in the summer of 2001. They performed it for over two years at the UCBT in the show Wanna Sleep Over?. They later developed The Soundtrack with the assistance of Kurt Braunohler. The Soundtrack ran at the UCBT from 2003-2008. They performed both forms at the Chicago Improv Festival on three occasions. In 2005, Mother won the Chicago Improv Festival Super Cage Match Championship, becoming the first New York City team to do so. This garnered the attention of Malcolm Gladwell, who profiled them in his book Blink (2005). <ref>Gladwell, Malcolm. Blink. pg 44.</ref>

Despite being "retired" from Cage Match, a competitive UCBT improv show, since 2005, Mother holds the records for All-Time Vote Leader (2678) and Most All-Time Wins (49) in the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre's Cage Match. [4]

Over the course of their tenure at the UCB Theatre, Mother has been coached by: Armando Diaz, Katie Roberts, Ian Roberts, Andrew Secunda, Patrick McCartney, Billy Merritt, Michael Delaney, Rob Huebel, Owen Burke, Kevin Mullaney, Eric Davis, Christina Gausas, Ed Herbstman, Kurt Braunholer.

In addition to starting at the UCB Theater (161 W. 22nd St.), Mother has performed at: Freaks Local, Flint Youth Center (Flint, MI), Athanaeum Theatre (Chicago), The Sanford Meisner Theatre (11th Ave. bet. 22nd/23rd St.), IO (Chicago), Maverick Theatre (NYC), a theatre in TriBeCa that was a 6-story walk up and served as a temporary home while the UCB hunted for a new theatre, Above Kleptomania, UCB Theatre W. 26th St.