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Montage is a long form improv structure.

Basic Structure

  1. Ask the audience for a suggestion.
  2. Start the first scene based on that suggestion.
  3. When there is an appropriate time to edit, a player on the back row edits the scene
  4. The player that edits the scene starts a new one.
  5. Repeat the editing process until you have a few story lines going.
  6. Once a comfortable number has been reached, revisit your previous scenes, trying to incorporate the new information that has been offered in other scenes.
  7. Draw the story lines to a conclusion
  8. End the show when you have concluded all or several of the story lines.


  1. When a player edits the scene, the next scene can be directly inspired by the previous scene or suggestion.
  2. Have characters from multiple story lines interact, possibly creating new or solving old problems.

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