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Monstro is a Harold Team that performs at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York. They debuted on April 13th, 2010.


Beth Appel, Dan Black, Sarah Claspell, Matt Cutler, Frank Hejl, Jesse Lee, Matt Mayer, and Paul Welsh

Name, Song, and Photo

The members of Monstro exchanged close to 1,000 emails discussing their group name, team photo and what entrance song to use. They were introduced by their runner-up name, NASA, at their secret School Night performance on April 7, 2010. Their entrance song, Rage Against the Machine's "Testify" was chosen at random out of three possible songs by Justin, the tech person that night. The team photo was taken at Coney Island and features the ocean and some rocks where a couple had been canoodling only minutes earlier. This was one of the few usable photos from that day due to a series of terrible photographers Monstro encountered.

Popular Rehearsal Characters

-Jesse Lee as the real estate agent/lumber salesman

-Dan Black as the guy who didn't know he was in a Monopoly game

-Beth Appel as Captain LaRondo, the french airplane pilot who has bedded every copilot he has ever worked with

-Matt Cutler as a historical pervert

-Frank Hejl as an accidental president

-Paul Welsh as an office worker who loves using his printer

-Matt Mayer as a drunk guy who likes to say "paaaarty" and gets beat up

-Sarah Claspell as a wife who makes clothing items out of food (e.g. cake hat, lasagna brooch)

-The incestuous TBS executives, who all turned out to be various housepets

Notable References

-Slouchy the Starfish--A lackluster starfish seen at the Brooklyn Aquarium

-Octopus Lady--A sassy woman who was terrified of the octopus at the Brooklyn Aquarium. She can still be heard wandering the aquarium and shouting "I gotta get away from that octopus!"

-Russian Plastic Surgery Woman--Her eyes do not work right which made her a less than ideal candidate for team photo photographer