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Team history

Monkeydick was originally a practice group at UCBT-NY. They entered Cagematch (a weekly improv competition) in February 2001 and after winning three weeks were made into a team on Harold Night. The team existed (with many lineup changes) until September 2005. Among their achievements at UCBT-NY were helping pioneer sound and movement openings/transitions, embracing eccentric improvisers, performing a show with one member 12 hours removed from major reconstructive dental surgery and bringing a miniature horse on stage for a fundraiser.

Home theatre


Cast (past and present)

Founding Members: Brian Berrebbi, Pete Bosniak, John Gemberling, Will Hines, Rob Lathan, Mitch Magee.

Sara Jacobs and Jane Borden (and Ed Herro briefly) were added when the team was made an official Harold team. Matt DeCoster and Curtis Gwinn replaced Jacobs and Borden in December 2001. Andy Rocco joined in November 2002. Brett Gelman and Dyna Moe replaced Brian Berrebbi and Mitch Magee in August 2003. Both quit in January 2005, replaced by Neil Casey.

After Monkeydick disbanded, Gwinn, Gemberling, Casey and Gelman continued performing as Death by Roo Roo.


Monkeydick primarily performed as a Harold team. They also performed a weekly mono scene show, paired with Respecto Montalbon from February 2003 through June 2003. They were promoted from Harold Night to a Friday night 11pm show, where ran from October 2004 until September 2005.

Directors / coaches

Billy Merritt, Jason Mantzoukas, James Eason, Jackie Clarke and others.