Milwaukee Comedy Festival

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A four day celebration focused on promoting sketch and improv comedy in Milwaukee!

About the Festival

The Milwaukee Comedy Festival features top professional comedy acts from across the country, a unique late-night Improv Jam, as well as a Teen Comedy Day. The festivities will also showcase some hilarious video comedy throughout the festivities. There will be short films, animations, parodies, music videos, and much more! The Milwaukee Comedy Festival begins with a tribute to local Milwaukee sketch and improv troupes Wednesday August 5 at the Alchemist Theatre in Bay View, with the official run of the festival August 6 - 9th, 2009 at the Off Broadway Theatre in the Historic Third Ward in downtown Milwaukee, WI.

Improv JAM

A unique and highly anticipated event, the late-night Improv Jam will take performers from different teams, from across the country, and mix them up for a late night improv show. This is an opportunity for all performers to take the stage together on Saturday night. As much fun for the performers as it is for the audience, this conglomeration of all the talent of the festival will be a late show you won't soon forget!

Teen Comedy Day

On Sunday, August 9, 2009 The Milwaukee Comedy Festival will showcase the talents of high school and college comedy teams. Don't let the text books fool you, these seasoned sketch and improv artists will wow you to the funny bone.


Founded in 2006, it focused on the local comedy and sketch teams in and around Milwaukee, emphasizing new and original work. We wanted to give all the talented groups in town an opportunity to work together in a new way. Our first year brought 9 local sketch and improv comedy groups together for the first time. We wanted to give all the various teams an opportunity to work together in creating a community and sharing audiences.

In our second year we branched out, opening performance slots to over one dozen groups from Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, and Oregon creating an unforgettable weekend of original comedy in 2007.

This year we have added a fourth performance day to the schedule with over 20 performance slots. We hope to make the festivities bigger and better by extending an invitation to any sketch comedy, short form improv or long form improvisation group interested in performing.