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Miles Klee (b. March 17, 1985) is member of several New York City indie teams. Since the summer of 2007, Miles has been pursuing a post-graduate education at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. A 2007 graduate of Williams College, Miles has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English and Philosophy, which accounts for his endless bullshit.

I. Proof Of Existence

Miles Klee's existence (m) can be logically deduced as in the following proof.

[∇∫ ⊆ Ψ] ∉ [Ψ • m] ⇔ [∇∃ ⊃ ∇∀∃] • ∫

[∇∃ ⊃ ∇∀∃] • ∫

∴ [∇∫ ⊆ Ψ] ∉ [Ψ • m]

˜ [∇∫ ⊆ Ψ]


II. Shows & Teams

III. In Which A Surprisingly Long And Largely Irrelevant List Of Other People Appears

Miles has been coached at least twice by each of the following people, and probably touched their hearts in some inexpressible way, no matter how much they deny it: Zach Woods, Shannon O'Neill, Lennon Parham, Joe Wengert, Gavin Speiller, Rob Webber, Michael Delaney, Silvija Ozols, Charlie Todd, Anthony Atamanuik, Dyna Moe, Sean Clements, Sue Galloway, Jeff Hiller, Achilles Stamatelaky, Chelsea Clarke, Mike Still, Birch Harms and Ryan Karels.

IV. Regarding The Controversial T-Shirts

Miles has been alternately lionized and vilified for wearing T-shirts with plunging V-neck collars and/or headache-inducing geometric patterns. Critics are hopelessly divided on the merits of the exposed male sternum, jutting collarbone and—above all—accessible chest hair.

V. Internet Presence

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