Mike Abdelsayed

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He was an original member, and one of the youngest at the age of 20, to be placed on the iO House Team Valhalla. Two-time winners of the Del Award for "Best Long Form Improv Team", Valhalla was best known for its cast consistency, performing for 6 years with 75% of its orginal cast. Mike was coached by Liz Allen, Miles Stroth, Noah Gregoropoulos, and Del Close. Mike was also an iO coach and teacher, a member of Second City's Outreach and Diversity Company, and an understudy for the Second City Touring Company and E.T.C. stage performing for Keegan Michael-Key in "Holy War, Batman!" Mike is best known for his innovative approach to long form known as The Expansion Tree. Students who received their initial improv instruction exclusively from Mike have continued successful television and film careers on The Office, Community, Arrested Development, Saturday Night Live, Reno 911!, the Jimmy Kimmel Show, ABC Family's Huge, Comedy Central's Big Lake, and hosting MTV's Spring Break. His students have also continued successful careers as Artistic Directors of major improv theaters in New York, Second City Main Stage Performers, Directors of Organizing in the Screen Actor's Guild, Resident Company Members of major Stage Equity Theaters, and commercial spokespeople for national commercial brands.