Midnight Society

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Midnight Society is an opening developed by Kate Zelensky based on the Nickelodeon show Are you afraid of the dark?

  • Get a suggestion of anything at all.
  • Make a Crescent of Doom: Players initiate a campfire scene
  • A player starts by telling us that they have a scary story to share and gives us the basic premise of the story in a line or two.
  • Other players add on to the story. Everyone behaves as if this is the scariest story EVER.
  • Once we have the basic gist of it, a player steps out to make the story scenic. We see a three to four line scene, moving the action along.
  • Players physically move back to indicate a return to the Crescent of Doom. Another player tells us about another scary story - based off the original suggestion.
  • We tell three stories.
  • Remember after the little scenes to comment on the new details discovered.
  • At the end of the third detail discussion, we all say together: "submitted for the approval of the midnight society, we give you.... (SUGGESTION)!"