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Michelle Dobrawsky is not sure if she merits a "Performers" page or not but is willing to let the people decide.This co-performer says YES, absolutely.

She has studied improv and sketch primarily at UCBT-NY since 2003, and has performed and been otherwise involved behind the scenes in numerous scripted and improvised shows.


Born, Brooklyn, NY. Raised, Bethpage, NY. Resides, New York, NY. Divorced. Ex-husband hates improv with a passion and once had a raging fight following a Monkeydick show.


Improv: Foreplay, Harsh (performer/assistant director), Immortal Kombat, The Spin, UCBW, IMP (musical accompanist). Appeared in Ampersand at the Magnet with Early Bird Special and as a regular in Ladies Night.

Sketch: Several appearances as a sketch player on Late Night with Conan O'Brien. Numerous tasteless entries in the Dirtiest Sketch Show in NYC.

Video: The Man Who Loved Lesbians (Channel 101 NYC); An Office (UCBComedy.com); others.

Standup: Various club and indie venues around New York City including School Night (UCBT). Produces numerous standup shows and open mics.

Behind the scenes

  • Killgore (UCBT 2004, 2005): wardrobe/crew/tech
  • Vagina Monologues (UCBT 2005): stage manager
  • Doc & Chains (UCBT 2005): stage manager
  • Paris: 1963 (UCBT 2005): stage manager
  • Jem and the Holograms (UCBT 2007): stage manager
  • Del Close Marathon (UCBT 2007, 2008): stage manager/volunteer
  • Longest Sketch Show (UCBT 2007): stage manager
  • Declared September to be National Sketch Writing Month in 2008, aka NaSkeWriMo.


Her original IRC handle was "Gold Dust Woman," which people sporadically refer to her as.

She is a ridiculous comedy nerd and therefore an active contributor to the Improv Wiki.

She is not six feet tall although she is primarily called upon to play large people.

She can find any prop you need.

Her role in Immortal Kombat was Time Tripper. Her character for the role was a fortune teller.

She is an attorney who has provided free/cheap legal advice to many in the improv and performing arts community. Represented Improv Everywhere members in the infamous "No Pants 2006" incidents.

She has been getting into trouble since before you were born, kiddo.

Master hat-knitter and cookie-baker.

We lost her much, much too young.



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