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Mettlesome is a Durham-based theater, training center, and performance space.


Mettlesome offers classes in long-form improv and sketch comedy.

Improv Classes

Improv 101: Intro to Improv

  • Learn the basics of long-form improv. Students will cover scenework principles like "yes-and" and active listening. Over this six-week period, we'll build the groundwork for comedic improvised scenes that'll jumpstart your love of improv.

Improv 201: Game of the Scene

  • Learn the core concepts of longform comedic improv. Students will cover scene-work mechanics like editing, tag-outs and heightening in the context of game of the scene. Over this seven-week period, we'll build the groundwork for comedic moves that will elevate your scenes.

Improv 301: Improv Longform

  • Use the skills from 201’s “Game of the Scene” to create characters and worlds that combine to form a unified 25-minute longform improv piece. This class continues a focus on Game-driven scene work and introduces students to the Harold structure.

Improv 401: The Harold & Other Forms

  • Take your Harold to a new level in this class which teachers you how to use Game-driven scene work to grow and explore the longform structure possibilities.

Sketch Classes

Sketch Comedy 101: Intro to Comedy Writing

  • Learn the basics of sketch comedy. Students will put the principals of sketch structure, common scene dynamics and characterization to work. Over six weeks, we’ll get practice with writing assignments and opportunities to give and receive feedback in workshop-format.

Sketch Comedy 201: The Writers' Room

  • Continued exploration of writing sketch comedy. Learn additional common sketch structures, and workshop sketches weekly.

Sketch Comedy 301: Sketch Comedy Revue

  • Taking the skills from 101 and 201, this course puts you in the writers room to learn the rhythms, tasks, and considerations when pulling together an original sketch comedy revue.

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