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Maybe Sherman is an independent improv group that has performed at Comix, Under St. Mark's, Gotham City Improv, The PIT, Magnet Theater and Broadway Comedy Club. It currently hosts a show every third Friday at Richmond Shepard Theatre.


Its UCB Theatre-trained Members include: Zach Norton, Deb Gross, Miles Klee, Shira Danan, Mark Stetson, Dan Selz, Ben Wolfert, and John Liam Policastro (alias John From Boston, alias John Boston, alias JB), who is from Boston, Massachusetts.

All of whom have a thing for the scorched-earth tactics of Union General William Tecumseh Sherman. Also, Vietnam. Pretty much any utterly horrific military history.

Notable Achievements and Lack Thereof

  • In February 2009, they headlined at Comix's first-ever night of improv and sketch comedy. The resulting DVD is testimony to Maybe Sherman's physically dangerous and overtly offensive style of play.
  • They lost a brutal, hotly contested cagematch to Yale's Purple Crayon in front of a stacked New Haven crowd. Nobody hooked up with an eighteen-year-old on the trip, no matter how close they tell you they got.