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Matt Walsh is a performer and one of the original four founders of the UCBT. He is an author of the UCB Manual.


Matthew Paul "Matt" Walsh is an improviser, actor, writer and teacher. He has worked on the television programs: 'Veep' (HBO), 'Dog Bites Man' (Comedy Central), 'Players' and 'Asssscat: The TV-Show' (on Bravo), as well the films: 'Martin and Orloff', 'Wild Girls Gone', 'Fatty Drives the Bus' and 'Asssscat: The Movie'.


Matt was a member of Upright Citizens Brigade, Mario's Formalwear, Johnny Tractor and Arsenal.

He performed in The Armando Diaz Experience, Cerebral Stripmine, Virtual Reality, It's Our Anniversary, F**K Me! and LOCK-IN at the Annoyance.

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