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Matt Walsh is a performer and one of the original four founders of the UCBT.


Matthew Paul "Matt" Walsh is an improviser, actor, writer and teacher. He has worked on the television programs: 'Veep' (HBO), 'Dog Bites Man' (Comedy Central), 'Players' and 'Asssscat: The TV-Show' (on Bravo), as well the films: 'Martin and Orloff', 'Wild Girls Gone', 'Fatty Drives the Bus' and 'Asssscat: The Movie'.


Matt was a member of Upright Citizens Brigade, Mario's Formalwear, Johnny Tractor and Arsenal.

He performed in The Armando Diaz Experience, Cerebral Stripmine, Virtual Reality, It's Our Anniversary, F**K Me! and LOCK-IN at the Annoyance.

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