Matt Moses

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An original member of the UCB Harold Team Mailer Daemon, and prior to that, a member of Van Buren.

Currently in grade school at Yale for playwriting.

Alumnus of Binghamton University's Pappy Parker Players.

When Moses first got to UCB, he was regarded as something of an enigma. He was definitely funny, but also came off as a little bit insane on stage, despite being probably the nicest guy ever. On stage, he came off like a sort of more dangerous Pee Wee Herman, maybe like Pee Wee Herman if he had been physically abused while young. He reined it in and became a rock solid improviser and a big time team player.

Matt Moses is so funny that while on Mailer Daemon, Chris Gethard had to design an exercise that involved people doing multiple scenes over and over again with Matt, just so they could train themselves not to break while playing with him.