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is a member of Philadelphia-based Rare Bird Show and an instructor at the Philly Improv Theater (PHIT). He was the first improviser in Philadelphia's current wave of improv growth to teach a quality, publicly advertised longform improv class. He was present at the meeting in October 2005 that led to the creation of the PHIT, and he taught the first-ever class or workshop offered by PHIT. Holmes has been an ambassador for the Philly improv scene all around the country.

Matt Holmes started improvising at Cabrini College, where he ran On the Spot, a weekly short-form show that appeared at Skidmore College's National College Comedy Festival. He has taught improv to kids and adults, in classes and workshops for the past five years. Matt learned improv from The Kids in the Hall's Kevin McDonald, Chris Gethard, Jed Resnik, Brett Christensen, Erik Tanouye, Lennon Parham, Kevin Patrick Robbins, Porter Mason, Kelly Jennings, Katina Corrao, and Topping Haggerty. In 2003, he co-founded the Rare Bird Show, a longform improv group in Philadelphia that has appeared at: the Philadelphia Improv Festival, the Philadelphia Fringe Festival, Philadelphia's F. Harold Improv Festival, the Dirty South Improv Festival in Chapel Hill, The PIT in New York City, and the Del Close Marathon at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater.