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Matt DeCoster is a performer, writer and all-around presence at UCBT since the early days of this century.


DeCoster first performed on the legendary Harold team Monkeydick, and has also been a member of Nancy Reagan, Renegade 77 and Kill Your Darlings. He currently performs with the eponymous DeCoster. (Note that the team's name was apparently not his idea.)

DeCoster was also a member of the improvised movie group Instant Cinema.

He has also performed with Andy Rocco as Rocco & DeCoster in such shows as Ampers&nd and School Night.


Most recently, DeCoster and Will Hines wrote and performed the highly successful sketch show Seven Fights.


DeCoster has acted in numerous short films, including such films for Channel 101NY and UCB Comedy including "My Wife the Ghost."


Most people call DeCoster "DeCoster" rather than by his first name.

The working title of this page, "Editing Matt DeCoster," sounds like the title of a Charlie Kaufman film.

DeCoster has fabulous hair and a penchant for white T-shirts.