Marcy Jarreau

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Marcy Jarreau is a performer at the Magnet Theater in New York, NY.

Marcy began studying and performing short-form improv when she was 14 and continued through college. She moved to New York City after graduating from Southeastern Louisiana University in December 2005. Shortly after moving to NYC she began studying long-form improv at both the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre and The Magnet Theater. Currently she can be seen performing with long-form groups around the city including Team X, Bombardo, and The Assembly. She has also played with some of NYC’s most elite teams including UCBT’s Death by Roo Roo, Reuben Williams, Mother, The Project's Adoricorns and The Magnet’s Tiny Spectacular. She performs sketch with the group Megalomania. She is also a member of the Striking Viking Story Pirates.

Hometown: Watson, La


SPOILER ALERT: Marcy won the web-based reality series Project Improviser.