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A macro-location is larger setting that is comprised of many locations within it. Examples of a macro-location are:

  • Hospital
  • Shopping mall
  • University campus
  • Police station
  • Main street of a small town
  • Walmart
  • Cruise ship

Forms or exercises which use this concept will have all of their scenes confined to one macro-location. For instance, if you declared or discovered that your macro-location was a hospital, you might have scenes which take place in an operating room, a waiting room, a doctor's office, a lab, the cafeteria, etc. Characters may find themselves in multiple settings within the hospital. Often these exercises or forms are confined by a time frame too. For instance, all scenes take place on the same day, the same hour, or even the same 15 minutes.

Examples of shows which use the concept of a macro-location would be Close Quarters, Tracers and of course, The Macroscene.