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Ludus Ludius Improvisation Theatre Company was founded in 2007 by Nathan Keates and Matt Mills. We began to create theatre through improvised playfulness. Now we are a collective. Various performers, artists, actors, dancers, musicians and obviously improvisers are called upon when a project could be ideal for whom ever. Ludus Ludius are moving towards applying improvisation skill and techniques to those that may benefit personally, socially, emotionally and collaboratively.
Theatre is about spreading a message or a meaning in cultural and creative way, in whatever way that may be. Improvisation makes the creative energy become more raw and organic; a natural flavour to the improvised product. The spontaneity in everyone forces truthful assets to the meaning that displays more self honesty. We strive for self realisation through improvisation and exploration of collaborative creation.


The main productions that have been performed are 'Rupert' that has been performed by their youth group and by the adults in Landed Festival in 2012. Also, 'Emblem: Spontaneous Thoughts on Perception' was performed in the Edinburgh Fringe festival 2011, '20 Minute Improvised Musical' in Newport Comedy Festival in 2011, various collaborations in 2010, 'Flurry of Florence' in ATRium Theatre (2008), Chapter Arts Centre (2009) and 'Playtime with Us' was performed in small festivals and in events from 2007 - 2009. Now having developed the productions to be their new flagship production, 'A Cappella: an improvised musical'. It began its new form in the Green Man Festival in 2013.


As a collective we have performed with many people depending on the project. The above list is the frequent performers that have participated in many projects.