Lucas Zachary Hazlett

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Lucas Zachary Hazlett is a writer and performer from Sacramento, California. He moved to New York City a week before September 11, 2001 and suffered a life of meaninglessness for 8 years until he was laid off from a Jewish charity that had been crippled by Bernie Madoff. After squandering the $8,000 severance package he was awarded, he began studying improv in July 2009 at the Peoples Improv Theater with Nate Starkey, Pat Shay, Scott Eckert, Kurt Braunohler and Ali Farahnakian and, after being awarded a diversity scholarship, began taking classes at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in 2010 with Gil Ozeri, Brandon Gardner, Chelsea Clarke, Gavin Speiller, Ben Rodgers, Silvija Ozols, Michael Delaney, Jordan Klepper and Anthony King.

He is currently a performer on the PIT house team Stranger, can be seen running microphones to celebrity guests on The Night of the Living, writes reviews and interviews at The Apiary and is a contributing writer to the MTV prank show Money From Strangers.

Two undeniable, superlatives about Lucas Zachary Hazlett

  • He has the worst attitude about himself as an improviser.
  • He has the hugest improv crush on Kurt Braunohler