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A warm-up intended to cement bonds among team members, put them in a positive frame of mind and get them "yes-anding."

Stand in a circle and explain why you like someone else in the circle, making up a reason. That person yes-ands that compliment, then explains why she likes someone else in the circle.

It can start fairly simply ("I like Sarah because she looks great in plaid.") but naturally tends to escalate. Connections and transitions between compliments make it even more enjoyable.


VIOLET: Here's why I like Margot so much. She gave me this coonskin cap. I've been wearing it constantly. And she skinned the 'coons herself.

MARGOT: It's true. I did skin the 'coons to make her a coonskin cap. And you know who shot them? Zohar. A big 'coon was coming after me. Zohar saved my life.


BRETT: Let me tell you something about Sarah. I had a really important job interview and I was running I went up to her apartment and she let me use her jet pack so I could get there in time.

JEFF: Aww...your brand new jet pack?

SARAH: It's true. I'd just gotten it....


Devised by Jeff Scherer when a new team was put together to perform The Documentary. A regular warm-up for The Locals.