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Louie Pearlman is - among many other bright and shiny things - a Canadian-born improviser currently rocking our socks off in the Big Apple. Primarily based out of the Magnet Theater but also holding considerable status in the New York indie scene, Louie is considered a respected veteran in many NYC improv circles. He asked me to write this page for him and I'm going way off the deep-end because I love wiki's and I love Louie.


Louie has performed with a variety of ensembles throughout his comedy career. After a stint with the short-lived Megawatt team Beatta, Louie performed for several seasons with Megawatt mainstays The Yes Andersens, a long-running team whose name alone is often cited as one of the greats. Louie is an accomplished musical improviser as well, and performed in repertory at Musical Megawatt with The Stragglers. He is a founding member of Robopop, one of New York's preeminent hip-hop improv teams which regularly headlines indie shows all over the city. A quick glance-through of this wiki reveals that he performed in a show called "Red All Over." He performed with the favorably received Sock, a puppetry longform ensemble directed by Amey Goerlich. As of July 2017, his New York Improv Teams page lists the following additional ensembles: Dance Floor Makeout, Beauty Love Truth, and Triad.

The Project

Louie participated in Terry Jinn's The Project from 2005-2008, making significant contributions to what would ultimately prove to be a formative and impactful experiment in infrastructure-building for the indie improv community in the city. Legend tells that Louie - in quintessentially Pearlman style - gave "the Project" its name. The "trivia" section of the Project's IRC wiki entry states that he suggested the name upon "seeing something referred to mysteriously as "The Project" in a comic book." Louie cut his teeth alongside countless NYC improv mainstays in this program, including Alex Marino, Kevin Cragg, Will Hines, Kevin Hines, Gavin Speiller, Erik Tanouye, Zach Woods, Neil Casey, and many, many more.

Louie also participated in Jinn's Uno, a pre-cursor to the Project.


Louie performs, teaches, produces, and directs with the Story Pirates, a literacy non-profit that uses sketch comedy to teach writing skills. He is a veteran Pirate and his influence and aesthetic permeate nearly everything the company does. In addition to this work, Louie has taught indie improv workshops for a number of years and directed many ensembles. He is an accomplished teaching artist in the New York educational theatre community as well.

Experiential Learning Solutions

Louie founded Experiential Learning Solutions, an applied improvisation business, in 2016. The organization uses improv pedagogy to teach team-building in corporate settings.


Louie contributes to Rebeat Magazine and Tough Pigs. He's a huge nerd and he's good at writing about it.


Don't. Throw. Johnstone. At. Louie.


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