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Lou is the name of the improv team when Lou Lasher performs solo improv. Lou generally performs a monoscene where Lou plays multiple characters. The team was born in 2012 as part of a show at the Triple Crown hosted by the team Rat King. It went very well, so Lou decided to keep at it.

In trying to come up with an approach to the creative process for solo improv, where you have only the audience and no scene partner to react to, Lou has begun reading about the practices of Shamans, both historically and modern variants. Lou uses the definition that a Shaman goes into the "imaginal realm" to bring back something for his community or those that have sought his assistance. In solo improv, Lou feels, the performer goes into the imaginal realm in much the same way a Shaman would, sans the hallucinogenics.

Currently Lou performs pretty regularly at the B.Y.O.T. show at the UCB East