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The first longform, fully improvised show ever created at Second City, directed by Noah Gregoropoulos and performed on Second City's e.t.c. stage back in '94. The show was named after the former wife of longtime Second City musical director, Fred Kaz. Lois worked on the staff at Second City for decades herself.


The cast of Lois Kaz featured Second City cast members, many of whom were veterans of IO and Jazz Freddy. The full cast was: Scott Adsit, Kevin Dorff, Adam McKay, Jon Glaser, Frances Callier, Miriam Tolan, Nancy Walls, Matt Dwyer, Theresa Mulligan, Dave Koechner, Brian Stack, and Dee Ryan.

FORMAT Lois Kaz was similar to shows like Jazz Freddy and Ed in terms of the scenework and editing techniques, but Noah also encouraged the cast members to create a much richer background environment for scenes than in previous shows by having them embody physical objects like trees, tables, or even the crown of Poseidon if that's what the scene seemed to call for. .

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