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Lauren has been improvising in New York City since 2002 and don't you forget it! Lauren performs with The End of the World and The Fritz. Past groups include Instant Cinema (UCB, original cast), King Tiny (PIT house team), Maude, Boldfaced Liar (PIT house team), the improv tragedy group Harsh and UCB Harold Team Scootch. She has studied with Amy Poehler, Ian Roberts, Armando Diaz, Rich Talarico, Ari Voukydis, Anthony King, Will Hines, Joe Bill and Mark Sutton among others.


  • Lauren was born in Mexico City, Mexico and if a war breaks out in the U.S. it's adios, suckers.
  • She did her first harold in a class taught by Amy Poehler, without really knowing what a harold was.
  • She avoids caffeine. (Really, you don't want to see her on it.)
  • She interned as a chef at the Mesa Grill where Bobby Flay yelled at her for forgetting her apron.
  • The quote that got her through a rough patch in improv is "You are what you love, not what loves you." - Charlie Kauffman
  • In 2009, John Trowbridge lost a bet with Lauren and had to give her the secrets of the universe. If John Trowbridge ever goes through with his plans, Lauren will be the only one to stop him.
  • Lauren was pumped full of the 'rage' virus when she was a kid. She has taken many steps to repress her rage but at times she uncontrollably pulls her hair and goes crosseyed. While performing, she will typically play relaxed people for fear that one push will ultimately end in disaster.
  • While vacationing, Lauren likes to treat hotel workers like garbage. It is only a release for she is extremely nice the rest of the year.
  • Lauren owes her life to John Trowbridge. If it wasn't for his loving heart and iron upper body, Lauren wouldn't be around today to give us hilarious improv comedy.