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LD & The Scientist is a longform improv comedy group in New York City formed in 2006 from classes at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. They have been coached by Jeff Hiller, Sue Galloway, Joe Wengert, Gil Ozeri, Adam Pally, and Jon Gabrus. They are currently coached by Amey Goerlich. They perform the Krompf form.


Ben and Amy are brother and sister, and took their first 101 from Shannon O'Neill. Curtis and David met through a 201 with Joe Wengert, which became the nucleus of Moonshine. Amy and Curtis were in Joe Loves Hobos together. Dave and Ben were brought in for a Joe Loves Hobos practice in which all of the members, save Amy and Curtis, had bailed. The four person practice was coached by Sue Galloway, who had them do monoscenes. During one monoscene, set in a small town where everyone had a nickname, Amy played a character named "LD," short for "Learning Disability," with Dave, who introduced his character by saying "I am a scientist."



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