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They formed in NYC and first practiced together under the name KnifeStorm on April 15, 2008. Knifestorm has performed in over 40 shows throughout Manhattan to literally tens of people. Inside their diverse ranks are professionally-trained clowns, stand-up comics, sketch comedians, YouTube B-Listers, professional models and Harvard grads, not to mention veterans of famed New York-based improv teams like Fat Penguin, Rimbombo and Naked Boys Improvising.

Knifestorm performs a loose yet aggressive freeform improv show, with bold physical play and clever repartee that has quickly garnered them an ever-growing fan base. They have been touted as the (physically) best-looking improv team since Elite Model Management formed their very own troupe, the now defunct "Yes and…Cashmere".



They've been coached by Jim Santangeli and Justin Akin.


They have performed at many theaters throughout NYC including Under Saint Marks, The PIT,Riffifi, and Gotham City Improv.


Current members of the group include Alison Fyhrie, Anna Martemucci, Chris Manley, Chris Roberti, David Ahdoot, Matt Hobby, Ryan Feyk, and Rob Stern.

Friends who have sat in on shows include Mary Grill, Ethan Fixell's Brother and hopefully one day Alan Starzinski.

Home Theater

KnifeStorm met while taking Rebekka Johnson's Level 4 class at The PIT.