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A gory, bloody show that is peformed during the week of Halloween at the UCB Theater

Killgore: Resurrection, directed by Anthony King, returned this show to the UCBT stage in 2008 after a three-year hiatus.

The show was written by Matt Walsh, with original music written by Brian Fountain added in 2002. Killgore was originally a non-musical stage play as first presented in 2001.

Killgore featured Dave Blumenfeld and Michael Delaney in the lead roles in its initial incarnation. Their roles were reprised by Zach Woods and Chris Gethard in 2008.

This show employs an ungodly amount of fake blood. Copious amounts are sprayed on stage at every possible opportunity.

Some notable past performers include Rob Riggle, Jack McBrayer, Horatio Sanz and Paul Scheer.


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